I had the enthralling pleasure of interviewing one of my closest friends: Jessica Liang. Having the personality of one beyond her years, she constantly holds a charming atmosphere and remarkable sense of humour.Currently in Grade 11 IB, she is involved in one of the most popular clubs here at VP—DECA. She says: “It’s a lot of fun! You get to go downtown with your friends and dress up too. I would advise anyone who doesn’t know what DECA is or is unsure about joining, to join next year. It’s definitely worth it!”

Despite being unspeakably busy with her IB life, Jessica always finds the time to do something entertaining. Her interests include watching movies at home and cruising through YouTube for different songs especially ones from non-mainstream artists.

As we all know, every individual has some hidden goal that they want to accomplish in life. For Jessica, she wants to travel the world, go scuba diving, have a photo dairy, and explore coral reefs.

She also wants to make change—something she can go back without regrets and relish the greatness of what she has achieved.

“I have always wanted to choose one of the less developed countries, settle there after getting my medical degree, and provide medical care to the less fortunate,” she says.

“A program, like Doctors Without Borders, is exactly what I want to be a part of. Through these programs, I will be able to help those who can’t help themselves and gain a greater perspective on the world. I want to do something meaningful, and something that will make an impact in the world.”

Moved by her inner ambitions, I myself am motivated by her passion and determined spirit. Though she might not be a bird or plane, she definitely a super heroine!