15-year-old Abeir Liton

As Ward 34’s new Youth Councillor, Abeir Liton is the Youth Engagement Coordinator for Youth for Human Rights Toronto. This month, I got the chance to talk to him and got to know all about the new events.

Afreen Janmohammed: “What is the role of a Youth Councillor?” 

Abeir Liton: “The city youth council of Toronto amplifies over 500 000 youth voices in our city. My job as your City Youth Councillor for Ward 34 is [to] amplify your voices and help make our communities the best they can be. My roles and responsibilities also include amplifying your voices to influence city council decisions. I hope to engage the youth in my ward in politics in a positive way.”

AJ: “Who are you working alongside?”

AL: “I will primarily be working with our City Councillor Denzil-Minnan Wong, who is also our deputy mayor and my constituent. I will also be working with city councillors such as Councillor Jon Burnside, and youth councillors such as Youth Councillor Shadman Khan from neighbouring wards and their constituents.”

AJ: “As the Youth Councillor of our school’s ward, what do you plan on doing to help our community?”

AL: “My first order of business will be to assist in implementing safer crossing measures at Parkwoods Village Drive and Combermere. Students have been unsafely challenged in the morning and after-school to cross the road to either walk to school or catch the bus. In the future, I hope to resolve more issues that may arise in our school community and ward.”

AJ: “Any events coming up that might interest our students?”

AL: “I will soon be hosting a town hall meeting for my constituents to attend. In the meantime, I ask all my constituents to sign up to receive email updates from me at http://toronto.thecyc.ca/. This will also ensure they are able to vote for their new City Youth Councillor in the next election in the fall-winter of 2016. I also ask them to add themselves to the Ward 34 – Don Valley East Facebook group I have created. They will find helpful tips, tools and event information in regards to summer employment, school, community issues, event info, and much more.”

There you have it folks! All the details about our new City Youth Councillor! Don’t hesitate to talk to Abeir about some of your concerns with the community!