Behind The Scenes of


September 12, 2013


Many new members joined the Panther Press committee this year, including Zelin Liu, the new Webmaster. Every month Zelin can be seen working furiously on his laptop, uploading articles to Zelin’s job allows people all around the world to access the Panther Press. Here’s what Zelin had to say about the Panther Press web team.


Olivia Wilson: “How long have you been part of the web team?”

Zelin Liu: “I’ve been with the web team since May 2013.”

OW: “What made you want to join the web team?”

ZL: “The previous Webmaster introduced me to the web team, as I already had experience working with websites.”

OW: “For those who don’t know, what does the web team do?”

ZL: “The web team is responsible for maintaining and updating, which is updated monthly. The web team is also responsible for maintaining and regularizing the accounts of every Panther Press section.”

OW: “What goals does the web team have for this year?”

ZL: “This year the web team is planning to redesign the website in a way that makes it reflect the actual newspaper. We want to make the site more professional looking.”

OW: “Do you have any previous experience with computers, or journalism?”

ZL: “I don’t have a lot of experience with journalism, but I do with computers. I’m a Webmaster with another organization, Also, at school, I’ve taken every Computer Science course that I could.”

OW: “What do you enjoy about the web team?”

ZL: “The fact that I have a free reign to design the website any way that I want.”

The web team has revitalized the Panther Press, and under the charge of Zelin Liu the web team promises to make the Panther Press website even more extraordinary.