Friday September 20, 2013


Mastering the art of literature requires a broad mind, heightened senses to see the beauty in words, and amazing grammar. Editing someone else’s interpretation of a subject as open ended as literature is often difficult. In that case, we must give a huge hand to the Literature editors, XuanTing Liu and Kaesavan Selvakumaran. XuanTing is a Grade 12 student and Kaesavan is a Grade 11 student. I had the opportunity to get to know XuanTing Liu in hopes of gaining some editorial wisdom in the field of literature.


Zarin Tasnim: “What makes a good literature editor based on your experiences?”

XuanTing Liu: “You have [to] be open minded about certain works because people have various ideas that are not always conventional and may be difficult to read. Editing requires an understanding of both story and the author’s mindset. Sometimes the story requires editing and acceptance.”

ZT: “What kind of works most interest you?”

XL: “Pieces that hold inspiring stories or creative poetry. Literature that has a message behind it is always exciting to read.”

ZT: “What are some books you would recommend for this time of year?”

XL: “I would recommend The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephan Chbosky, Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., and Mostly Happy by Pam Bustin.”

ZT: “Do you prefer writing poetry or prose?”

XL: “I definitely prefer poetry because there are infinite possibilities to go about writing one.”

ZT: “If you could live the life of a protagonist, who would it be?”

XL: “I would probably be Dexter because he’s a complex character in both the television and book series.”


That wraps up the interview with XuanTing, the editor who certainly has a way with words. She is a phenomenal writer with amazing editorial skills. I wish her and Kaesavan best of luck with the paper this year!