Sunday September 22, 2013

As a new year starts, new members have joined the Panther Press Editorial Committee. Cartoons, sketches, and paintings are just a little bit of what our graphics column has to offer. But with a new school year, who’s going to take on the role of Graphics Editor? Sounds like a job for Irene Liu! Here is an insight on the new editor and what she thinks this year has in store for her.


Rebecca Gnanaranjan: “When did your passion for art and graphics start?”

Irene Liu: “Well, I think it started when I realized that I can do art better than anything else…or that I got to meet a lot of friends because of my art…I don’t think I would have had the chance to make as many friends if I wasn’t always furiously doodling while I was supposed to pay attention to class.”

RG: “How is it like to be on the team?”

IL: “It’s really fun! Especially [since] half the team consists of [my] friends… The people are very dedicated and work towards the improvement of the [paper], we might [even] get colored papers one day!”

RG: “Are you planning to pursue a career in the Arts?”

IL: “Of course! After I realized I had virtually no talent for anything else, I realized the only occupation I can survive doing, do well, and actually enjoy…[is] Art. You don’t get many people who enjoy their career choice these days.”

RG: “How do you like grade 12 and any plans for the future?”

IL: “Grade 12, first off, is so easy for me. Especially since I came out of IB and have already learned most of the material. Every day is like another day on vacation…My future right now consists of getting into university…either OCAD or Sheridan College. Anything beyond that can be procrastinated on.”

Well, I guess we will all be able to see her plans for the Graphics section unfold during the course of this year. Next time you turn to the Graphics section, remember who was behind it all—Irene Liu.