May 2, 2015

The SLC’s Social Convenor is responsible for the planning of all social events that take place at our school, such as the Semi-Formal, as well as inform the student body of upcoming school-related events through social media and other announcements. A Social Convenor must be approachable, responsible, organized, and involved in her school, which explains why Lorina Qin has been elected to the role; she fits all of these criteria.

Jessica Tran: “What do you plan to do or change next year as the new 2015-2016 Social Convenor?”

Lorina Qin: “I plan to open SLC meetings so students know ahead of time what’s going to happen in their school. Also, I wish to [find] new and innovative ways to inform students of events, perhaps using the TV in the front foyer rather than only making posters and announcements.”

JT: “Do you have any ideas for next year’s Semi-Formal?”

LQ: “Nothing is set in stone yet, but there are many ideas circulating in my head. I think the first step I’m going to take is asking people what they liked or disliked about last year’s Semi-Formal so that I am aware of what the students prefer and then begin the process from there.”

Lorina is planning to make it easier for the students to voice their opinions by having suggestion boxes where you can leave your opinions and ideas on how to improve VP. She is open to hearing the suggestions of the student body, saying, “If anyone has any thoughts or questions about next year, they can feel free to message me or talk to me in person!”