I know that I am right

there’s no doubt in my mind

but why is it that in my sight

the people say I’m going blind?


As faces get hazier

and twisting thoughts grow crazier

a luxury is sanity

to those who strive for vanity


But one by one they speak

each one just the same

but different from what I seek

of mind, that’s in my frame


As worry increases

and eyes nervously glance around

confidence decreases

and a threat is every slightest sound


It plays again in my head

their words just like a song

It strikes me, what is said

and I start to think I’m wrong


Now what will I say?

Should I play along?

Should I follow the deadly rhythm

and dance to their sinister song?

Convinced me now have they,

convinced me I am wrong, now

I know that I am right.