February 16, 2014

            For many graduating students, receiving a scholarship to help fund their post-secondary studies is ideal, especially for those wishing to attend York University. For these hopeful applicants, HSBC Bank Canada is offering a scholarship of $5000. This HSBC scholarship is presented annually to two students who are accepted into an undergraduate program for the following school year starting in the fall.

Those who wish to earn this scholarship are required to have a minimum final academic average of 80 percent and the need for financial aid. In addition, applicants must have Canadian citizenship and live in Ontario as permanent residents or protected persons.

For this scholarship, students who have already applied to York University can use their student number to fill out an application form which can be accessed through the university’s website,, under MyFile. The form is due April 1st, 2014.

A unique aspect of the HSBC Scholarship is that it provides recipients an opportunity for possible summer internships and an invitation to HSBC management trainee programs after graduation.

Students are encouraged to go online to the homepage of their desired post-secondary institution for a list of available scholarships. Alternatively, they can visit websites such as, operated by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, to learn about such opportunities.

Non-graduating students can attend the Post-Secondary Finances Presentation after school in the cafeteria on March 26th.  For those who are interested in going to the USA to study after high school, there will be an American Post-secondary Informational Session after school on April 9th.