___ is the echo to my tears

The silence in my thoughts

The calm before my storms.

___ is the songs carved into my palms, I carry ___ with me always.

___ voice makes the stars whisper, ___ smile brings me closer to earth.

___ is the last thought I conjure before unconsciousness

And the first when coming back

___ carved skin tells me stories, teaches me philosophy,

And disproves the laws of gravity

Because when ___’s near, my feet don’t touch the ground

Instead my fingers stroke the clouds.

But it hurts.

Because ___ is the reason for the tears, the storms,

The silent thoughts

The hollow heart.

And yet ___ is the reason why I discovered hope.

___ quiet smiles, soulful eyes I will always love

___ deceiving words, broken promises I will always hate.

But ___ is here. ___ exists. And there is nothing more I ask for.