On Thursday August 30th 2012, grade 9 students lined up bright and early outside the boys’ single gym for their first taste of VP. They got their timetables, puzzled over the course codes, and made their way to the double gym to get started on the exciting day ahead of them.Orientation has been a long standing tradition of VP. It helps the grade 9’s better transition into their first year of high school. Many would agree it was better to have an idea of where everything was than walk into school on the first day completely lost.

Students engaged in a variety of fun games in the double gym, met the SLC in the library and attended workshops that would help them get started in high school.

Some of these workshops focused on organizational skills, and what needed to be done to be able to keep up with the work. Others talked about course codes, and how the timetables were read. They were given a free pizza lunch in the cafeteria.

At the end of the day, they walked out of the building with smiles on their faces, new friends around them and a better idea of the school they would be going to for the next four years.