A review of Old Quebec’s restaurants

February 10, 2014

If you have not eaten in Quebec, it would be a good idea to pack your bags and go do so! Starting with fast food favourites, like Beavertails, to the classy local restaurants, Quebec City has a very welcoming atmosphere. When I visited Quebec a few months ago, there was only one restaurant that my friends and I noticed more than others while we walked through the busy streets. This Italian-style restaurant was called Portofino.

Much to our surprise, we did not need to make a reservation. Many Quebec residents seemed to be coming and going as they pleased. There was also live music playing during the dinner, genres ranging from jazz to pop. Of course, the music was not our first priority. Our primary focus was on the food. Ordering in French was exciting because we had been advised that the Quebecois are impatient with people who pretend to be fluent in French. That, however, did not prove to be the case. The ordering went smoothly, and we were soon surrounded by fettuccine alfredo and cannelloni.

Let me tell you something about fettuccine alfredo. You know the sense of hope and serenity you feel when you have had a really long and sweaty summer and the first snowflake falls to the ground in November? Fettuccine alfredo feels nothing like that! It is warm, satisfying, and lively. Mix that Italian dish with lively music and the night is yours. Although Quebec City is full of quirky places to eat, it is worth trying the cozy restaurants that line the rocky streets of Old Quebec.