May 11, 2015

Every year, VP’s Global Youth Conference Committee (GYCC) organizes and hosts the Global Youth Conference (GYC) at the school in order to raise awareness for different global issues. This year, the GYCC hosted the Conference on May 28th with the intent to give students the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal voices in today’s society.

The event lasted the entire day, and was attended by around 300 history, social justice and Grade 11 Theory of Knowledge (TOK) students who paid a small fee of 10 dollars. The GYCC organized seven workshops for the students to attend in different locations throughout the school building that addressed the theme of Aboriginal voice and identity.

The workshops were hosted by several guest speakers and consisted of discussions and activities that centered on the struggles experienced by Aboriginal communities and their cultural influence on modern society. Examples include a beading workshop hosted by guest Rebecca Baird and a discussion on murdered and missing Aboriginal women hosted by guest speaker Meghan Meisters. Students attending the GYC also enjoyed a drumming session in the afternoon, symbolic of one of the Aboriginal cultures.

The GYCC hopes that VP’s annual Conferences will encourage other schools to promote awareness of important global issues. “In the near future, we hope the Global Youth Conference is introduced to the rest of the TDSB and grows into an event that exists not only in our school,” said Grade 11 student and GYCC member Arwa Abou El Hassan.

With plans of advancing the Global Youth Conference and continuing to give VP students the opportunity to explore existing global issues, the Global Youth Conference Committee is well-prepared for the upcoming school year.