It is not always easy to break down the barrier between students and teachers in high school, and it is even more difficult to tear down that barrier with a principal. Lucky for us, Mr. Scott, the new principal at Victoria Park, is very skilled at expressing himself in a way we can all relate. Humorous, passionate, organized, and confident, Mr. Scott has a way with words that will capture everyone’s attention.
He mentions that becoming principal of Victoria Park was amazing and that he had actually requested the school at the board office. “I spent the last six years at Don Mills CI, so I am very familiar with Victoria Park, as we are grouped in the same family of schools. Last year, when Victoria Park beat Don Mills at the baseball championship, I already knew I would be coming to Vic Park but wasn’t allowed to tell anyone at that point; so it was very ironic.”

Looking at Mr. Scott’s timeline, we can begin to realize that he is a very involved individual. The start of his career was not as a teacher, or a principal, but instead he worked as an accountant for nine years. Why the sudden change of direction to teaching? Mr. Scott realized it would be far more rewarding. “I enjoy working with people and I think when you really love your job and appreciate the folks around you, good things happen.”

But there can be no real barrier breaking without a hint of personal information thrown into this wonderful recipe. I have discovered that Mr. Scott is a man who loves to discover. Though being a principal of the school comes with its own time-consuming charm, Mr. Scott still enjoys the outdoors and tries to make time for camping at least once a year. His past positive experience in school is portrayed through the way he views and speaks of school in general. He remarks that if he wasn’t a principal, he would be a student. Yes, a student!

He loves to find more effective and more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks. There are many tasks to accomplish at VP, and Mr. Scott loves the people that are here to help positively with those tasks. “My vision for the school is to accomplish the TDSB mission statement by building a community where everyone feels welcome, safe and inspired.  I am a strong supporter of character education and believe respectful and effective communication is the best starting point.”

What I have inevitably noticed about Mr. Scott is the efficient way he portrays his point. Thankfully, he does not plan to leave anytime soon and we can all remain delighted at the idea that he is here to make a difference in our school.  Also, on a slight, cheerful side note, Mr. Scott likes the colours scarlet and gold. Really, who can resist?

However, the most important message I obtained from my interview with our brilliant, new principal was that “when you stop learning, you stop living.” This is all part of a lifelong journey for Mr. Scott, and should be for us, too. So, whenever you see him in the halls, do not hesitate to say hello. But remember to always have your hat off when you do!