Jaime Si, Executive Tells All!


November 1, 2015

The Girls about Girls Sleepover is an event where Grade 9 girls get to be themselves, make new friends, and seek advice from Grade 10 and 11 leaders and executives. This year’s theme ‘Beautiful Me’ reflects the inner beauty and confidence of all the girls. I had the chance to talk to Jaime Si, one of the executives for the sleepover, and got to know her thoughts about the sleepover.

AJ: “How did you decide on the theme for Girls about Girls (GaG) this year?”

JS: “My sister was my biggest inspiration for this year’s theme. I was [bouncing] ideas [with her], and she brought up the idea of beauty and fashion, and how people shouldn’t be judged solely on what clothes they wear. [With] that foundation, the Execs and I changed some of her ideas and added some of our own to create this year’s theme.”

AJ: “What was the most fun part of the sleepover to plan?”

 JS: “I know this isn’t really an event to plan for the sleepover, but I really enjoyed interviewing and meeting the Grade 10 leaders. I loved seeing their fun and likeable personalities. I also loved how I could easily relate to them.”

AJ: “What inspired you to be part of the Exec team?”

JS:  “I went to the sleepover both in Grades 9 and 10, and thought it would be an amazing experience to actually get to plan the entire event. My friends also suggested and inspired me to apply for an executive position.”

AJ: “What event were you the most excited about?”

JS:  “Definitely the Dress of Dreams. This event is where the Grade 9 girls each received a price tag, and they wrote their dreams in life, or what beauty really means to them, on it. All the tags will be pinned onto a dress, which will be on display for the school. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the price tags; they were very meaningful and inspiring!”

AJ: “What was your favourite memory of the sleepover when you were in Grade 9?”

 JS: “I really liked cozy time at night, just before we all went to bed. I met a lot of my friends, who are still friends of mine to this day. We bonded as we talked about high school, relationships, and everything else teenage girls would talk about.”