September 6, 2015

            Whether you’ve seen her in the hallways chatting with friends or on the tennis court, it’s very likely that you’ve met Tiffany Dong; she’s prominent in the community, being a student in the VP IB program, a school/community representative on the Organization for Ontario Secondary Students (OOSS), a passionate athlete, and more! For our first issue of the 2015-2016 of the Panther Press, she is our student spotlight!

Zamir Fakirani: “It’s well known that you are heavily involved within and outside of the school. What are some extra-curriculars that you take part in?”

            Tiffany Dong: “I’m involved with many extra-curriculars such as tennis, swimming, the TDSB SuperCouncil, and various organizations such as Campus Vibez, Project 5k, CTA, Project YOUth, OOSS, and the Toronto Coalition of Eco-Schools.”

            ZF: “What sparked your desire to get involved in the community?”

            TD: “I’ve always been involved with the community ever since I was little. Except back then I was only involved with the sports, camps, and programs. Now, my role in the community is much bigger as I am some sort of leader and the decisions I make and the things that I say will directly affect the lives of others. [Additionally,] I believe that it’s important for the students to not only have a voice for our education but also the changes that affect our everyday lives.”

            ZF: “With so much on your plate, how do you effectively manage your time?”

            TD: “With so many things that I am [involved in] …, managing my time sometimes seems impossible, especially with IB. I usually follow a schedule that is based on the priority of each assignment/project.”

            ZF: “As you have said, you are a member of the OOSS, a rather new leadership committee in Ontario. What is your role on it and why is it so important to you?”

            TD: “For the OOSS, my job is known as the community [and school] representative. Formally, [the job title] is known as an ambassador. My role in the OOSS is very important to me because it allows me to represent our [community] in meetings [which] will hopefully allow the board to have a better understanding of our community’s [demographic and situation]. I believe that it’s important for the students to not only have a voice for our education but also the changes that effects our everyday lives.”

            ZF: “Finally, on top of being involved in the community and at school, you also focus on your health and partake in a healthy, active lifestyle. Why is this so important to you?”

            TD: “I think that it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle because it’s a kind of a distraction from everything else that is going on in my life. Sometimes things get really hectic and it’s always nice to have some sort of ‘escape.'”