Parham Rouzbahani a creative genius and our arts rep

May 4, 2015

This month I got the chance to talk to our newly elected Arts Representative, Parham Rouzbahani. Parham is well-rounded in the arts; he enjoys painting, acting, and playing various instruments during his free time. He will be responsible for showcasing the arts at Victoria Park, and making sure that all the arts have their chance to shine.

“For the upcoming year,” he told me in the interview, “my fellow SLC members and I will be planning and executing better and bigger events involving all three arts branches. For the purpose of not ruining any surprises, I will only mention a few of our plans. These include the previous years’ traditions (talent show, Friday events) as well as new events such as Movie Nights!”

You may be wondering how he gained an interest in the arts? Parham responded by saying, “my parents have taken multiple videos of me dancing and singing to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ when I was two years old. I believe this was the first time I gained an interest in the Arts.”

Regarding how Parham will help to make the arts more prominent at VP, he responded “with a few changes here or there, the arts program at VP and the VP high school experience could become much more hype and live”.

Parham’s success was not only because of his hard work and dedication, but also because of his peers and family. He says, “With a promotional plan and ideas derived from my friends and family, I will put a great deal of resources towards intensively publicizing the arts programs and events at VP. Moreover, the planned events are organized in such a manner that they aim to attract non-arts students as well.”

Well VP, there you have it – a sneak-peek about what is yet to come for the arts at VP, and a little more about our newly-elected Arts Rep!