November 25, 2013

On Friday, November 22, 2013, VP’s Team of Leaders (TOL) hosted their semi-annual Food Fair during lunch in the cafeteria. The money gained from this event added $2000 to the VP clubs’ budget. It featured 29 of VP’s clubs, and the food sold ranged from Sweet and Sour Chicken to Citrus Honey Tea. Tickets, which were exchanged for food, went on sale at 50 cents each starting from Monday, November 18. Tickets were also sold on the day of the Food Fair. Most dishes cost between one to three tickets ($0.50 to $1.50).

Mohit Verma, the TOL Treasurer, said that “compared to previous years, it is good that this Food Fair had more filling meals, such as tacos, patties, kebabs, and pizza.”

Grade 10 student Veena Sanmugananthan was selling with the Arts Council. “When [our] bubble tea sold out, I felt pretty good! It was nice to know that we made good profit for our club!” She says that, overall, the event was “awesome.”

“It was great having a wide variety of delicious foods from different cultures and backgrounds,” commented Grade 12 student Arvin Farhang.

Derek Craig, a Grade 11 student, pointed out one of the event’s flaws: “There were a lot of people buying tickets, and with the [large number of] people going in and out [of the cafeteria], the entrance and exit was cluttered.” Craig suggests not selling tickets on the day of Food Fair to reduce the “chaos.” He is not the only one who noticed this. Sanmugananthan agreed with him.

Verma acknowledged this point: “We sold 400 tickets between that Monday and Thursday, but ten times on the Friday. The ticket booth was also positioned at an inconvenient place in front of the entrance. [TOL] will definitely take [this] into account for the next Food Fair, which will be in March!”