Different foods joining forces

March 26, 2015

Get ready Victoria Park, because Food Fair is back! The Team of Club Leaders (TOCL) is presenting you with a Food Fair that you will never forget. Filled with juicy meals, delicious treats, and thirst-quenching drinks, this Food Fair is going to be an overwhelming success! I got the chance to talk to Nadeya Alli, the media coordinator, to give me the inside scoop about Food Fair 2.0!

Afreen Janmohammed: “Since the first Food Fair was such a success, how do you plan on improving this one?”

Nadeya Alli: “This year we’ve added another promotion; if you make a relevant post on Twitter or Facebook, or share our photo with the hashtag #FoodFair2015, you will be entered in a draw to win a prize. Like last year, those who buy five tickets or more from March 23 to 27 will be entered in a draw to win 10 free tickets. We expect more fun and more food this year!”

AJ: “Do you have any advice for new clubs that are unacquainted with Food Fair?”

NA: “My advice to the new clubs out there is that if you’re looking to make revenue, sell something that is popular, yet different than what the other clubs are selling. Sell something that’s original; it avoids competition and also you’ll earn great revenue. Also remember to enjoy the event. Walk around and purchase some tasty treats!”

AJ: “How long does it take TOCL to plan a Food Fair?”

NA: “It usually takes about a month and a half of planning in advance. There are so many parts [and people] involved in planning Food Fair. Usually, one council member is assigned as the team lead for an event—for this Food Fair that would be me—then that person would assign duties to the other members, and make sure that the event runs smoothly.  Every executive member is given tasks to carry out, whether it may be to make the online poster, speak to the caretakers, or to set up the cashbox. There are so many different tasks and duties, but as a team when every task is complete, it comes together to create one great event for the school to enjoy.”

AJ: “Lastly, what is your favourite part about Food Fair?”

NA: “My favourite part about Food Fair is the excitement it brings the students at VP. There is something about seeing everyone smiling, hanging out with friends, and enjoying good food that puts a smile on your own face. Food Fair really does bring together all of our different clubs and groups at VP, and makes one diverse event. It gives students the chance to share their interests with others, and it really shows that VP is one diverse school.”

Food Fair will be held on March 30, 2015 in the cafeteria at lunch, so don’t forget to buy your tickets!