I know this isn’t the best, but I have to live with what I got.


Daddy’s not home; drinking, gambling or what not.

Ever since that night with mommy—he just fought.

I don’t want to see that fight

But it keeps playing in my mind.

Just like him playing cards and losing every time.

Now mommy’s going to leave, I shouldn’t have overheard.

Bruised, she stopped me and said, “Never forget these words:

Try your best, screw the rest.”

But I never really understood,

Why she couldn’t do that and go back to the way things should.


Brother’s now working hard for LSD

And to think he was a role model for me.

I know it’s been tough

But now he’s running out,

Stuck borrowing money and walking down daddy’s route.


My sister’s out to work, trying to get what we lack,

Doing her best so we could live in this shack.

I want to say thanks

But what she’s doing isn’t right,

Being out all night.


So now I’m here, in a dimly lit shack.

Want them here with me.

I’m sorry for all the words.

Wanted to talk but we only ever fought.


I know it wasn’t the best but I’m happy with all I had.


It’s never too late to love what you got.