School has started, the air has become chilly, and the trees are beginning to lose their leaves. This signals one and only one event: the start of autumn! This is not only the commencement of changing seasons in terms of the weather, but more importantly, a changing of seasons for fashion! Fall fashion 2012 has taken the bright, sunny colours of summer and traded them in for dark, rich hues which will keep you warm.Now, living in Canada, where there are the harshest of winters, you may ask, “What’s the use of all the effort it takes to look stylish, when I can just put on my favourite pair of sweats and a hoodie?”

You can indeed look sophisticated and be comfortable at the same time through wardrobe essentials like oversized knit sweaters. These are the focal point of any outfit, for knits come in a great variety of designs, ranging from colourful, polygonal styles to flat-out geometric shapes and patterns.

Aside from oversized sweaters, you may want to shop around for tops with the oh-so-trendy “Peter Pan” collars. They are a cute touch to an otherwise minimalistic sweater, adding a subtle vintage feel.

As for bottoms, you can never go wrong with dark skinny jeans. They are the most neutral, yet suitable bottoms that you could wear in the fall that would go with almost any print or colour you decide to wear on top. Pair a statement sweater with simple black skinnies to let it take centre stage.
For those of you who are still feeling the “summer love,” you could continue to sport your favourite skirts. A-line skirts are best for fall, especially when paired with a long-sleeve sweater, leggings, and oxfords.

Leather boots are inevitable during this time of year, and not just to keep your feet cozy. They add a modern touch to any outfit, and can instantly make any ensemble look put-together.

From the runways to the red carpet, the largest trend in fall makeup this year has been dark, ruby lips. This contrast between a bold lip and a fresh face creates a polished look that can be worn in daytime and night, for almost any occasion.

Autumn has just begun, so don’t be afraid to try out these chic fall fashion trends!