Fashion-lovers guide from summer to fall


November 6, 2015

Summer has officially come to a close, which means we must now welcome that cozy fall weather, and with a change in weather, so follows a change in wardrobe. Here are five fashion tips to help you change from summer to fall style, while also celebrating your own unique taste. Let’s get started!

  1. Warm and cozy sweaters

Now that the leaves have fallen, it’s time to dust off your old sweaters and get ready for this season. Since the weather can vary in fall, sweaters are great to wear because they can be paired with jeans, leggings or any other bottoms that you prefer depending on the weather of that day. Keep in mind that oversized sweaters are very trendy during the fall season.

  1. Chunky Jewellery

Since you will be layering your clothes, and wearing traditional fall outfits as your daily fashion in the fall, add big pieces of jewellery to create a fancier look to the outfit. A plain coloured sweater or blouse will always look better with sharp and flashy colour contrasts. Also, jewellery always adds some flare to your outfit.

  1. Boots

Now that fall kicks in, we will most likely experience rainy and chilly weather. Comfortable footwear like flats, sandals or other summer shoes might not be the most ideal for these weather conditions. Changing your footwear to short comfy boots, or long, knee-high boots will make it easier to get around in autumn.

  1. Scarves and Toques

Fall means chilly weather with a hint of wind. This mean that bundling up just a bit will keep you nice and warm, while not sweating by over-layering too much. Adding a colourful scarf will add a new style to your outfits, and it will make any plain blouse or shirt flashier. Scarves can be worn in many different ways too, depending on your style.  Also, wearing a toque will wrap up the whole outfit together and bring in the fall trend. The colour of toques and scarves can vary depending on the blouse/sweater colour, and style of your choice.

  1. Darker Lipstick

The fall season brings in bolder colours, and darker colours will create contrast with your clothing and jewellery. Trying a darker lipstick colour of your choice will let the trendy fall colours on your outfit stand out.

I hope these tips guide you into the world of fall fashion. Stay trendy VP!