Each year at Victoria Park, many changes take place. For one, the seniors graduate, and a new batch of freshmen arrive. Some teachers retire and some new teachers come in to take their place. Many club leaders dismantle their club, while others decide to round up their friends and start a new club.One new addition to the club list this year was the equity council.

Four friends, Fei T., Jenny D., Kitty H., and Sorina C., saw that inequity was among high school students, with VP being no exception. The four Grade 11 students wanted to change our school for the better; to engender every student with the quality of being fair and impartial towards everyone else.

Besides this club, the four leaders are very busy with other activities this year. Jenny D. is involved in great cause such as Plan Canada. Likewise, Kitty H. tries to balance her IB school work with her playing the piano. Fei Teng, involved in many extracurricular activities such as competitive swimming, finds her weekdays very eventful, like Sorina Chis, who is the vice-president of SLC at our school.

The Equity Council, consisting of 60 members, aims to promote awareness of certain issues such as sexism and racism by organizing events to make this high school a sustainable place to enjoy the last 4 years of grade school.

Though, the leaders have not had any campaigns yet, the council is planning on a big one to launch in the few months.

Fei Teng, one of the leaders of the equity council states: “What sets us apart from all other clubs is our objective. Our campaigns are aimed to impact every student in the school, not one race, or culture.”