April 13, 2015

Many would argue if I said cricket follows soccer as the world’s most popular sport. You may not have played, watched, or even heard of cricket before. If any of the aforementioned options described you, you’re probably a good representation of the greater portion of the North American population. Victoria Park, however, has taken great efforts to take this ignorance away from you and share the rich heritage of cricket by having its very own cricket team.

Cricket is a sport that originated from the British Empire before the 17th century. Britain, being a colonial power, was able to spread the sport amongst its commonwealth nations (predominately in Asia and Africa). Cricket grew as part of these countries’ cultures which resulted in many of these nations not just taking it up seriously, but rather a way of life.

Today, cricket remains as the unofficial national sport of 7 countries spread out within the eastern hemisphere. This sport has come across centuries of rich history but has never really made its rightful mark on North America. VP’s own VP, Mr. Kissell was determined to change this notion at VP. He re-established cricket at VP and it has appealed to the masses!

The VP Cricket Team, coached by Mr. Kissell and (name of other coach) (a parent volunteer), meets every Monday and Thursday at 7:30 am in the VP grounds. The team is open to everyone and anyone who wants to come out and experience this marvelous sport. The team is insistent on teaching students this amazing sport and helping students develop their skills. Anyone who has a genuine interest in cricket are strongly advised to join the team and grow their abilities.

Although the team have not picked their lineups and scheduled games, they are regularly going under vigorous training. The team has devoted their time and energy to increase their skills in the fundamentals of cricket such as batting, bowling (the equivalent to pitching in baseball), and fielding. The team has already begun to show great improvement and seem to be rookies whom are ready to compete.

VP’s Cricket Team has come back to action and have picked up where they left off two years ago. With a new batch of young players at VP, the Toronto Division has to watch out for this new and refurbished team to hit the field. This young group of players show great promise and are bringing the cricket spirit to VP. Go VP go!