This one’s for all those innocent souls,

Deciding how to murder themselves

Through med school or engineering

Or maybe choking away through accounting.

I want you to know, you have a choice,

So speak aloud and raise your voice.

Through peace and good manner,

Don’t make a commotion or they’ll raise the hammer.

Do what you want to do

I know what it feels like to be pushed into a hole

But it ain’t Wonderland that you’re going to

It’s a pit of hell fire.

Scared what your parents and damn society’s gonna say,

Don’t say anything just do it your way!

Sometimes hiding can give shelter

But how long can you hide?

They say you need to do it like it’s super easy

As if they the ones that got 10 PhDs

They say “just do it, I know you can”

This ain’t no Nike commercial, it’s your life man!

Do what your heart tells you

Don’t let society make you what they want you to be

It’s like telling Einstein to go study music

It’s like telling Tupac to go discover black hole paradox

For all you people out there,

Forcing your children into something they don’t wanna be,

How long will it take you to realize and see,

That you’re destroying their lives,

Don’t you want them to be happy?

Don’t you want them to live a life and fill it with success

Who cares about the money?

Money ain’t success

Success is happiness and love and hopefulness

And realization that, “I AM C.O.N.T.E.N.T.”


This one’s for all those innocent souls,

Deciding on what they wanna be,

Just follow your heart

And fulfill your dreams.