In this colossal world of redemption and anguish
Resides a solitary elapsed soul
How she treads so severely on paved cobblestones and dirt-picked roads
Not a whisper about her

The rain pelts, the cold ponders, the wind cloaks
A phase of seclusion and disparity
Torn apart, Broken, Shattered
Frantically gripping on, sliding further into abyss
Left astray in this profound labyrinth
Faded and Dead, Lost in Dreams
Gradually waning away into nothingness
My persona resting as a mere glimmer

An unexpected ray of hope
A flicker of flame that shone so bright with love
A shooting stellar soaring across the lunar sky
My Guardian Angel
Verses made not for the eloquence of one
Let heaven hear your voice
A sweet melody pulsating through
Your harmony never to fade

My Saviour
With caress, you keep my faith
With courage, you keep me afloat
With care, you embrace me with your warmth

My Heavenly Host
Illusions Shimmers, Beauty So Sublime, Tendrils Climb
Shadows no longer chase, Fear a mirror of the past
A smoothing supplication
My Redeemer
A peace renders, amity radiates, virtue resides
Your silken wings of eternal grace
Glory of God’s love upon your face

Enslavement, a memory of the past
Freedom, a commemoration of today

A Heart Reborn