Bullying – one who is habitually cruel to others who are weaker. This term has inspired many authors, and screenwriters to write books and screenplays. Many of the student population will have most likely experienced bullying once in their lives. This act could happen with anyone; with older siblings, parents, teachers, or other classmates. There are many forms of bullying; physical, emotional, verbal, and due to the increasing technology that the 21st century now faces, cyber bullying.
Physical bullying is any form of physical attack to a person who is weaker. This includes hitting, kicking, pinching, scratching, or spitting. This form of bullying is the most well-known and statistically common amongst males. Sometimes mistaken for just horse-play, it is important that students and parents alike realize that any form of aggression and assault is dangerous.

Related to physical bullying is sexual bullying, where unwanted sexual attention and aggression is given to a person. This bullying is debasing and can be easily mistaken by others to believe that the sexual attentions are desired.

Verbal bullying is using offensive language, or snide, degrading remarks to a person. This is also a common form of bullying, but less well-known as people become more desensitized towards coarse language. Usually done with social bullying, verbal taunts are heard from both males and females and can leave lasting damage to a person’s self-esteem and dignity. This is not limited to interactions between youth; many people take advantage of the weakness of senior citizens and mistreat them. As well, swearing, talking rudely to them, acting like they are superior to them are also current things that seniors face.

Emotional bullying is commonly associated with social rejection, such as when nasty stories and malicious rumours are spread about someone or when a person is socially excluded. This form is common amongst females, and like verbal bullying, makes its mark deep beneath the surface.

Cyber bullying, though emerged more recently from the creation of the internet and cell phones, has quickly become one of the most dangerous type of bullying. It’s any type of assault that happens through technology. This can be done by people leaving messages or spreading rumours on websites, Facebook, myspace or even sending menacing threats through texts.

Usually, there are always people that witness these cruel acts but do nothing about it in fear of it happening to them as well. That is the problem and the reason why bullies get away with their behaviour. If anyone sees bullying or harassment occurring anywhere, in school, or in public places, the first thought should be to notify the authority about this problem and let them handle it. Everyone should be encouraged to stand up, and speak up.