May 12, 2014

On May 8th, 25 students from Victoria Park competed in the Science Olympics at the University of Guelph. The team started out bright and early, arriving at school at 6:30 am and arriving at the university an hour later.

After reaching Guelph, the team donned their bright yellow Science Olympics T-shirts and set up “home-base” in the auditorium. Some students started preparing for their events while others decided to explore the university campus.

The competition was tough. In total, hundreds of students from schools across Ontario participated in this event. Some teams drove for four hours in order to reach Guelph.

The Junior (Grade 10) and Senior (Grade 11 and 12) Teams competed in a wide variety of competitions. These dealt with topics from mathematics and from the different branches of science including physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and earth and space science. Some topics were related to the school curriculum while others were in completely uncharted territory.

Each event required a different set of skills and team members had to work together in order to solve the challenge or task that had been given to them.

“Participating at Guelph was truly enjoyable and I had a great time together with my team,” said Naushin Chowdhury, a student who competed in the Science Olympics. “I learned a great deal from the different events that we took part in and the experience was unforgettable!”

In the event, “Who wants to be an Anatomist?” teams had to race against the clock and assemble a section of the human skeleton. After the event, students had the opportunity to examine real human organs, and ask questions about diseases and illnesses.

Teams competing in the “Gliding to Gold” event built glider airplanes with limited materials.  These airplanes were later launched from the top of the staircase into the Atrium of the Science Complex.

Students were tested in their knowledge of marine biology, botany, human anatomy, and scientific graphs in the “Bioblast” event. Part of the event involved interacting with live marine animals such as starfish and sea cucumbers.

These were just some of the amazing events at the Science Olympics. All of them were eye-opening experiences that were fun and informative as well.

At the end of the day, all teams congregated in the auditorium for the awards and closing ceremony. All of VP’s students waited anxiously, hoping that their school’s name would be called.

“Guelph was like a sinusoidal wave. It had its ups and downs but in the end we ended strong,” said Maraam Haque, a student who competed in the Science Olympics.

This year, VP achieved a lot of success at the Guelph Science Olympics.  Overall, the Senior and Junior Teams won nine medals. They even placed first in several events including “Biodiversity”, “The Great Pirate Race”, “Learning Commons Triathlon”, and “Who wants to be an anatomist?”

Special thanks goes to Ms. Torrie as without her none of this would have been possible. If it weren’t for all the hard work that she put into organizing and supervising, VP would not have been able to compete.