Even though every lunch

I sit by myself

Away from everyone else,

Alone at the end of the hall,

I don’t feel lonely.


Even though nobody ever talks to me,

Nobody cares to acknowledge me,

And nobody bothers asking for my name,

I don’t complain.


Even though others laugh at my scars,

Snicker at my bruises,

And tell me how hideous I look,

I don’t argue back.


Even though I’m that kid

Who sits in the library every day after school

Until it closes,

The only person who enjoys the silence,

I don’t want to leave.


Because anything is better than when I come “home”,

Being forced to lock myself in my room,

Constantly hearing shouts and screams,

Arguments that never end.

Dreading the knock that pounds on my door,

Knowing only the unbearable pain

That comes each night.


So even if nobody likes me,

I honestly don’t mind.

Because the nine hours each day

I’m allowed to spend away from that misery

Are the only escape I have from my suffering.

The only thing that keeps me

From snapping.