May 10 2014

We caught up with the SLC Arts Representative Janet Chen to look back at this

Jon Babi: Sum up this year of arts council in one phrase.

Janet Chen: A diverse group of students motivated to promote and enhance arts (music, visual and performing) at VP.

JB: What aspect of the arts department at VP as seen the most change in your eyes?

JC: Definitely more leadership and student involvement in extracurricular. The music department has grown tremendously. Several different groups have great achievements, such as Improv Team, Dare 2 Dance, Strings Ensemble.

JB: What do you hope to see in future years, as the arts council progresses?

JC: Increased student initiative in the arts, greater reputation for Arts Council and Arts program at VP, more variety of arts extra-curriculars.

JB: What do you feel the greatest difficulties were for SLC? For Arts Council?

JC: Joining the several councils at VP and making them more cohesive and united. Equal representation for all students of VP at SLC events and trying to bridge the gap between IB and Collegiate students.

For Arts Council, as it was the first year, trying to make ourselves known and organizing several new events such as various cookie and singing grams, a Coffee Shop, and Arts Banquet.

JB: Any goals for next year?

JC: Apart from those listed above, promote the arts within the community and at feeder schools.

JB: What is your favourite album right now?

JC: Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams!