It’s this gnawing feeling in the back of your head,

That numbs your inside,

So you can’t go to bed,

And your dreams collide,

So you step aside,

To let it destroy the parts inside.

It’s this sinking feeling in your heart,

Released from its socket,

Agonizing part by part,

There’s a mess in your art,

And everything’s fallen apart.

It’s this back and forth motion,

You undergo everyday,

And you wish there was a potion,

To control, stop, eliminate all this commotion.

So you pretend to be alright, and look out with no emotion,

It’s this moment of tension,

Followed by brief release,

A little visit to another dimension,

But it lasts for only moments, there is no extension,

And you’re left with only suspension.
(And more than anything you wish you were asleep)