The latest news from Taaniya Khimani and Ali Jiwani


February 1, 2015

Here’s the inside scoop about VPTV, a new initiative by VP students which began last year. They aim to keep students more informed about local and global events through their YouTube channel, “VPTV – Let’s Talk.” Their episodes are on display in the TV by the cafeteria, with a new one coming out every week!

AJ: “How much time and effort has been put into VPTV each week?”

Ali Jiwani: “I don’t think many people realize just how much work goes into producing one episode. We have to pick topics for our discussion, book guests, find students to interview, coordinate schedules, find different props to use, edit the show, promote the show and manage social media. It’s a very stressful job; I’m surprised my hair hasn’t fallen out yet!”

AJ: “Any future goals/prospects for VPTV?”

Taaniya Khimani: “I would like VPTV to look like the talk shows on television with more professional-looking set[s] and props, etc.”

AJ: “Does the crew work together well?”

TK: “Yeah, they do; we are all like one big family. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful and helpful team.”

AJ: “Where do you feel VPTV can improve, in terms of their broadcasts?”

Ali Jiwani: “We definitely have to work on meeting deadlines. We’ve had quite a few technical difficulties which have postponed our episode dates several times. I’m hoping that we can work around that since we now know what to expect.”

There you have it VP, all the juicy details about VPTV and the geniuses behind this amazing show made for Victoria Park’s very own student body!