Elizabeth Yeung, Student Spotlight


February 9, 2015

            Elizabeth Yeung is an amazing swimmer as well as an active student at Victoria Park CI. She is involved in extracurricular flute classes as well as being a part of a competitive swim team outside of school. Managing to juggle both school and extracurricular clubs/classes is a miraculous feat for any student to accomplish, and to do both well is an even bigger accomplishment. Let’s see how Elizabeth manages to keep everything under control!

Jessica Tran: “What extracurriculars are you currently involved in?”

Elizabeth Yeung: “I’m currently on a competitive swimming team as well as taking flute classes.”

JT: “Why is swimming important to you and what has led it to be one of your passions?”

EY: “I used to swim a lot as a kid and it was my favourite sport growing up, so when my parents suggested that I join a competitive team I was thinking that it would turn out to be a lot of fun and now that I’ve gotten into it has become like a part of me. If I look back at the past few years of my life, they wouldn’t be the same without the great friends and memories that I’ve made through swimming and not being with those people and just not swimming would definitely seem strange to me now.”

JT: “What major achievements have you accomplished during your high school career?”

EY: “Well, to be honest, there aren’t too many. Although, I did qualify for a swim meet outside of school and I also made OFSAA last year for my swimming event.”

JT: “Being a well-rounded student athlete, what advice can you give other students to help them succeed in their high school careers as well as participate in extracurricular activities?”

EY: “I believe that time management is key and if students learn to manage their time wisely they are completely capable of doing everything! Nothing is impossible if you really believe you can do it.”

Being involved in various extracurricular activities aside from school can teach you how to be amazing at time management. Instead of leaving a task until the last minute, perhaps you can start a little bit now. Try breaking the cycle of procrastination and you will be amazed what you can accomplish! The most important part, of course, is to have a positive attitude towards school and the various activities in which you participate.