As the end of my senior year is drawing close, I’ve realized I have learnt more about myself and others in these four years than I have in the past seventeen years. From friends to school life and everything in between, here are an anonymous person’s jumbled thoughts, in no particular order, on twenty things my four years of high school have taught me:

  1. Your life doesn’t suck. Your perspective of life sucks.
  2. The friends you make in grade 9 will be a lot different than the ones you’re left with in grade 12.
  3. Your insecurities and flaws are only visible to you.
  4. Marks count.
  5. Relationships are fun while it lasts, but keep your eyes on what you’re giving up.
  6. Don’t attempt to please everybody around you by changing yourself. Do something because you want to, or don’t do it at all.
  7. Depression is a disease. It’s not failing math tests, being single, getting rejected, breaking up, getting pimples, or losing twitter followers.
  8. If you don’t like someone, it shouldn’t matter what they think.
  9. Remember that your family has been by your side for longer than anybody else.
  10. You’re not crying over a boy (or a girl); there’s just something in your eye.
  11. Say hi to your teachers in the halls instead of awkwardly looking away.
  12. There is a huge difference between having manners and being fake to people you don’t like.
  13. At some point, you are probably going to get annoyed of everything and everyone.
  14. Twitter and Facebook are a 0.1% accurate representation of what somebody is like in person. People are insanely different once you get to know them.
  15. Relationships end for a reason. If you try to fix what was never there, it’s not going to work.
  16. That one time you finished an assignment the night before and ended up getting a 90%, will not work for every assignment.
  17. If you don’t like what you’re doing, change it. If you don’t like your marks, work harder. If you don’t like your group of friends, make new ones.
  18. Know the people you call your ‘friends’.
  19. Your crush from grade 9 will probably hold a special place in your heart forever.
  20. Don’t be scared to raise your hand.